4 Dec 2013

A peel of Laughter !

A peel of Laughter when
I shouted the words Honesty Honesty
Again a peel of laughter
I spoke the word Character !
A peel of laughter when
I spoke the words Virtues Virtues !
And a peel of Laughter
When I said Oh God Oh God

Again I threw the word Intellect !
And a peel of Laughter !
I tried to talk for
Culture Society and Civilisation
They laughed and held me insane !
I apealed among that noise of peel
Come Join me !
Oh In my poetry I love thee !
They again watched me
Gazed with mocking eyes,

Here and here
We are nowhere
Just with the wind straight !
Becoming slowly over weight !
Oh is this destiny or fate ?
We just do,not caring for others
Always in a fight
Killing dear brothers

A peel of laughter
Now I laugh as Insane !