4 Aug 2013

Oh that smell !

The smell of burnt wood
I felt like a fragrance
Stormed my aged brain
The memories of my innocence
When I was a child
Always on the ride
Sat near a Fire !
With those old people
I also grew up  old

But again that smoke

The smell reminded Ma
She was an old grand ma
In a village far away
Always cooking for me
Blowed air to ignite
That Choolha was so old
And I also grew old 

But again that smell

Due to burnt cow dung cakes
Revived old memories !
Just thought of old hookah
And smelling fire of the cake
Oh I grew up old.

That was the old neem tree

And there was the centre
Where they put the hookah
How can I forget 
Those simple words 
With broad village vision
In all that fuss

But alas !

I grew up old 
Lost the village
Lost all that old
The rare fragrance
Of that wooden smoke !