4 Dec 2013

A peel of Laughter !

A peel of Laughter when
I shouted the words Honesty Honesty
Again a peel of laughter
I spoke the word Character !
A peel of laughter when
I spoke the words Virtues Virtues !
And a peel of Laughter
When I said Oh God Oh God

Again I threw the word Intellect !
And a peel of Laughter !
I tried to talk for
Culture Society and Civilisation
They laughed and held me insane !
I apealed among that noise of peel
Come Join me !
Oh In my poetry I love thee !
They again watched me
Gazed with mocking eyes,

Here and here
We are nowhere
Just with the wind straight !
Becoming slowly over weight !
Oh is this destiny or fate ?
We just do,not caring for others
Always in a fight
Killing dear brothers

A peel of laughter
Now I laugh as Insane !

10 Nov 2013

Let me be in being !

The road is long,
The trees facing winds,
Green grasses shaking,
With each swirl of wind.

Let me find the balance,
Without loosing halos,
Let me fill the lights,
In all dark shadows,
I with the poise,
Will face the noise.
A tranquillity,
Even after the storm,
The ocean will be,
At peace like before.

Let go,
Let it be,
Let me not become
Let me be in being !

27 Oct 2013

A Dream !

The moon 
In the night sky
Waning !

My dream

I falling
From sky above
Among stars
In search of you
Everything vanishes
I fell on the ground
That was a dream
I could not sleep
Then !

12 Oct 2013

Oh you the love !

Oh you !
The beauty
Just like a flower
You pull me
Inside the fragrance
Of you the flower
Are you inside deep
Let us travel
With a joint leap

24 Sep 2013

Kofi Awoonor !

A child in the mall
Hiding himself behind the wall
There was the chaos

Bullets screams and panic
The voices of criminals
In the name of GOD
Without compassion
They killed the children
The innocent men n women
Justifying their crimes
In the name of Allah
They killed a poet
He was full of compassion
His poems full of emotions
Alas ! they killed for sure
He was Kofi Awoonor !

11 Sep 2013

The Riot

Most backwards
Without a window
Having a closed mind
Read the books
Scriptures and words
They are lazy
Effortless beggars

Boast of having
That divine GOD
Also they declare
All so many UNHOLY
Without doing
Karma of Thinking
They kill them
They kill innocents
And Ah they kill
Their own GOD/

They become
They disclose
Their own desires
Of a social animal.

Let us pray O GOD
Elevate us from poverty
The great mental poverty
Let us make humane
Make me a human
That will be only gift
The only blessing
Of that Divine.

4 Aug 2013

Oh that smell !

The smell of burnt wood
I felt like a fragrance
Stormed my aged brain
The memories of my innocence
When I was a child
Always on the ride
Sat near a Fire !
With those old people
I also grew up  old

But again that smoke

The smell reminded Ma
She was an old grand ma
In a village far away
Always cooking for me
Blowed air to ignite
That Choolha was so old
And I also grew old 

But again that smell

Due to burnt cow dung cakes
Revived old memories !
Just thought of old hookah
And smelling fire of the cake
Oh I grew up old.

That was the old neem tree

And there was the centre
Where they put the hookah
How can I forget 
Those simple words 
With broad village vision
In all that fuss

But alas !

I grew up old 
Lost the village
Lost all that old
The rare fragrance
Of that wooden smoke !

24 Jul 2013

Oh My Leader !!

Oh you the leader !
Manipulative,self centered,
With the madness for power,
For a race ~addicted to pleasure,
With your so called charm,
Are you real leader ?

Or a puppet !
Used by an exploiter !
Have you felt that ever!
The unconditional love ?
For the poor !
For the meek!
For the dumbs!
For the weak !
Have you still
That fire of Sacrifice ?
To fight for justice
To deliver the justice,
Where are the days ?
When leaders had the ways,
With long  long sight !
With the hard work,
For that ,that only
The unconditional love !
For the people
By the people
Of the people.

18 Jul 2013

A Blissful World !

Each moment
Brings some truth
But again
That moment

As if
It was an Illusion,
Perhaps I will
Search more
For the happiest
That Blissfull moment
More & more
In each morning
I will contemplate
For a
Blissful world !

11 Jul 2013

An unfurled Flag

The unfurled Flag
Is of a country,
Or of a Nation,

The people crying,
Being killed ,
In the name of Qaum,
But there is no calm,
Who created the chaos,
Converted him a hurdle
On the path of Love !
Named him a warrior !
But a man made barrier,
In the path of peace ,
In the path of humanity,
In the path of LOVE !!
Who is going to win?
By hoisting the bloody
An unfurled flag !!

15 Jun 2013

The dance of a peacock

This sweet morning
Brings happy idleness
I search for the peacock
Who sits in my garden
And the birds
On the tree branches
Toddling on the ground
Let me watch them
Let the scorching heat go
Let me see the dance
The dance of a peacock !!