24 Jul 2013

Oh My Leader !!

Oh you the leader !
Manipulative,self centered,
With the madness for power,
For a race ~addicted to pleasure,
With your so called charm,
Are you real leader ?

Or a puppet !
Used by an exploiter !
Have you felt that ever!
The unconditional love ?
For the poor !
For the meek!
For the dumbs!
For the weak !
Have you still
That fire of Sacrifice ?
To fight for justice
To deliver the justice,
Where are the days ?
When leaders had the ways,
With long  long sight !
With the hard work,
For that ,that only
The unconditional love !
For the people
By the people
Of the people.

18 Jul 2013

A Blissful World !

Each moment
Brings some truth
But again
That moment

As if
It was an Illusion,
Perhaps I will
Search more
For the happiest
That Blissfull moment
More & more
In each morning
I will contemplate
For a
Blissful world !

11 Jul 2013

An unfurled Flag

The unfurled Flag
Is of a country,
Or of a Nation,

The people crying,
Being killed ,
In the name of Qaum,
But there is no calm,
Who created the chaos,
Converted him a hurdle
On the path of Love !
Named him a warrior !
But a man made barrier,
In the path of peace ,
In the path of humanity,
In the path of LOVE !!
Who is going to win?
By hoisting the bloody
An unfurled flag !!