7 Jul 2014

That Book !

And the book I read 
I read and       read
More interesting pleasant
It becomes my memory .

Old dreams surface
When I read the book
The words start swimming
In the pool of my mind.

I remember the feather
I placed on that page
The sweet  sad memory
Surfaces again on my mind.

And that book
I read and read
The pages open up
Those old galleries.

I remember the moment
When enjoying the words
Making the story
Again and again to repeat
Oh that book !
Oh those memories. 

22 Jun 2014

The Dawn

Birds chirping
Sun curious again
Rising to watch
New paintings
The dawn
Created by
Him !

30 May 2014

O Politics !

O Politics !
Making barriers !
In the name of Countries ,
Religions and Caste ,
Lowering the spirits

Only hatred & bias
Let us eliminate
Armies of the world
Let us broaden !
Our horizons of mind,
Will there be ?
A world governement !